Founded by William Durant in 1908, GMC (Common Motors Corporation), was a holding business for Buick which was also under Durant’s handle. Later that year, the Olds Organization joined Normal Motors, followed by Durant’s purchase of Cadillac in Elkmore Oakland and a few other little independent vehicle companies. GMC also acquired the Rapid Motor Car or truck Organization of Pontiac and Reliance Engine Truck Corporation which served as predecessors to GMC Truck. Durant lost control of the company in 1910 and almost gave it as much as a banker’s trust but he rebounded rapidly with the help of racecar driver Louis Chevrolet. Together, they formed the Chevrolet Organization. Hebough out Louis immediately after 6 decades, making him the sole owner of Chevrolet and brought it under the GMC umbrella in 1918. He was forced out of the business two years later on. Common Motors began opening its factories in Europe and acquiring smaller purchases like Vauxhall Motors Ltd. from the UK. The company presented its automobile line up starting with the very first Pontiac and then pursued by Cadillac’s LaSalle, its very first luxurious car. Inside 1940s, GM lost control of Adam Opel AG to Germany and closed its operations in Japan to focus their primary manufacturing operations towards war. General Motors surpassed this era, and came out as the leading vehicle manufacturer within the United States. Its tradition of innovation was continuously established with its introduction of V8 engines to its Cadillac and Oldsmobile lineups. Coupe de Ville debut in 1949 as Cadillac’s first tough top and a yr after, Chevrolet launched the Power glide transmission which became the primary brand to deliver fully automatic shifting. Corvette were sent out 3 a long time after, which became about the most iconic vehicles in the profession.

For decades, trucks have conquered the automotive industry. General Motors created some of the greatest trucks of all time. These kinds of vehicles deserve top quality parts only suitable for their heavy duty performances. GMC vehicles have always been known for their toughness, power and performance ever since the firm started. GMC is a part of General Motors Corporation in charge for the manufacturing and marketing of the corporation’s medium-duty to heavy-duty commercial vehicles. Before, it was once an independent company responsible for the development of some of the earliest commercial trucks ever produced. On the other hand, the division has now also undertaken on personal vehicles like their light and medium duty trucks, vans, pickups and sport utility vehicles. Certainly, General Motors Corporation is more known today for their powerful and trendy personal vehicles like the GMC Sierra, GMC Envoy, GMC Safari, amongst others. All of these can be an urban road warrior in a minute then rapidly transfer into a wildlife explorer. Powerful engines dwell under their hoods, making them very competent for all the tough and complex paths one may venture to. Space is huge even its aesthetics particulars are defined. Trucks are typically used for various purposes, as for a movable support for heavy bodies, transferring bulk goods, materials, or equipment. Trucks are capable of strenuous tasks; therefore, they need to have parts that can let them do heavy duty performances. Among the most hardworking vehicles on and off the road are trucks. These indicate that machines can be relied upon by vehicle owners and drivers alike. GMC trucks are designed and manufactured for the ability to carry huge and different loads. The good thing about these trucks is the engineering that goes with its development. This enables these kinds of vehicles to carry their loads while performing reliably no matter what the road circumstances are. Find more information on cars covers.

GMC Canyon: A Functional Vehicle

The GMC Canyon has been in the automobile world since the year 2004. It arrived at the auto scene with its relative the Chevrolet Colorado. The GMC is a truck and actually are produced and manufactured in Thailand.There are two engine choices for this vehicle. There is the standard 2.8 liter Vortec engine with four inline cylinders. This engine could produce some 175 units of power as well as 185-pound feet of torque. As per the optional engine, it is the 3.5 liter Vortec engine with five inline cylinders. This is the first engine with five cylinders to be used in consumer pickups. It has the capacity to produce 220 horsepower as well as 225 pound-feet of torque. Both of these engines are very much capable of powering the GMC Canyon. Also, both come with electronic throttle control, variable valve timing, as well as a coil on plug ignition. For a smooth and even ride, the GMC Canyon has an all-new five-speed manual transmission. This truck actually comes available in two-wheel drive or in four-wheel drive. It has been manufactured and made available in three body styles that comprise of the crew cab, the extended cab, and the regular cab. All of these body styles hold the four-wheel anti-lock brake system, or ABS, with tandem power brake boosters, dual-piston disc front brakes with audible wear sensors. The standard for this vehicle is fifteen-inch aluminum wheels and tires. If a person goes inside the cabin of the GMC Canyon and gets a feel of the interior, one would feel supreme comfort. The 60/40 bench seats are in cloth or vinyl and there are also reclining bucket seats if you opt for those. Behind the driver’s seat, one would find a driver information center with system readouts.

There are optional heated leather bucket seats. An AM/FM stereo with an optional in-dash six-CD changer could be added, as well as an optional OnStar system and XM Satellite radio. As per safety, the GMC Canyon also has safety features in stock. The list includes driver and front passenger dual-stage front airbags, head curtain side airbags, passenger side airbag, reinforced safety cage and side guard door beams for added safety, high-intensity halogen headlamps, fog lamps, an all steel body, three-point lap-shoulder belts in all three seating positions, as well as the LATCH system for kids’ safety.

An all-new full-size SUV, General Motors Company has introduced the new 2007 Yukon to the public with its distinctive styling, spacious and totally refined interiors, and enhanced safety features.

This new look conveys GMC’s professional grade qualities and a distinct design from the other brands of the company. Also, the new vehicles present and exude more power and better fuel economy than the vehicles they had replaced, thus accentuating the company’s “more than expected” reputation. The new 2006 GMC Yukon is made available early this first quarter of 2006 with SLE in cloth trim, and SLT trim with leather appointments, and it also has 2WD and 4WD configurations. The distinct design for this model is that it has a sleeker, and more taut form with wraparound front and rear fascias, styled mirrors, and integrated running boards that provide a seamless, contemporary appearance.

The interior of this new GMC vehicle for 2006 has been made to be more spacious and more refined. It includes an increased cargo capacity with a spacious, luxurious environment all owing to the premium two-tone color scheme and lower-positioned instrument panel. It also carries thinner and sculpted seat designs and detailed trims. Amenities have been added in for comfort and luxury – heated seats for first- and second-row passengers. The front row seats offer more fore/aft and recline travel. The second-row seats, on the other hand, have an increased seatback recline angle for additional comfort. As for this new vehicle’s safety and security, GMC has certainly made sure that this would not be added just as an afterthought. This 2006 GMC Yukon is made to feature a 360-degree safety system designed around the pillars of occupant protection, driver control, and personal safety. The amazing list includes exclusive safety belt pretensioners that are linked to sensors for rear-end crashes, and have been integrated into a stronger vehicle structure that is also designed for improved compatibility with other vehicles. This helps out in protecting those people that are either inside or outside of the vehicle, during or after a crash. Also, these pretensioner sensors has the ability to trigger the front seat pretensioners during a rear-end collision, so as to hold the occupants firmly in place and thus help prevent any kind whiplash injury.

GMC Savana 1500 Vs Ford E-150

Those who operate businesses that involve hauling cargo understand the need for a reliable cargo van. The best place to look for a good van will naturally be with one of the big auto manufacturers in the world. GM is the second largest auto manufacturer while Ford is the fourth largest car maker on the planet at the moment. Comparing the 2011 GMC Savana 1500 and the Ford E-150 will therefore be a battle between giants who have been in the auto industry long enough to produce reliable cargo vans that will deliver on capacity, power, and efficiency. We will be comparing the two vehicles in order to see which of them will carry the day and get to carry your cargo.


The GMC Savana 1500 has a 4.3l, V-6 engine that delivers 195hp and 260lb-ft of torque. This rear wheel drive vehicle can tow a maximum recommended weight of 5,900lb. On the other hand the Ford E-150 has a 4.6l, V-8 engine that delivers 225hp and a maximum torque of 286lb-ft. It is also a rear wheel drive vehicle that can to up to 6500lb of cargo. It is quite clear that the Ford takes round one and is the better option for those who are primarily looking for a powerful cargo van.

Fuel Efficiency

As always fuel consumption is better with smaller engines. The GMC Savana 1500 has a 31 gallon fuel tank and is able to give 15 miles to the liter in city traffic and about 20 miles on the highway. The Ford E-150 on its part will give an average of 13 miles to the gallon in city traffic and about 17 miles on the highway. It has a 33 gallon fuel tank and is obviously the less efficient of the two when only considering the fuel consumption.


As with all other vehicles, safety is a major concern when dealing with cargo vans as they are not only transporting your valuable goods but will also have your employees on board. Both the GMC and Ford vehicles have the standard safety and security features that include anti-lock brakes, stability control, airbags as well as security system that includes ignition disable. The GMC also has overhead airbags in addition to the front impact airbags. Parking assist is also available on both vehicles along with alarms for low tire pressure, panic and emergency, stolen vehicle tracking and a lot more. The GMC Savana 1500 as well as the Ford E-150 fair quite well as regards security and most reviews have ranked them as being good or very good in the area of safety.

Exterior Features

There is not much difference in the exterior of both the Ford E-150 and the GMC Savana 1500. They have very similar dimensions though the GMC is about 8″ longer and may be a better choice for those looking to carry cargo that is big on volume. The color options for both vehicles are also quite similar with most of the cargo van customers seeming to prefer white, steel grey, or deep blue.

Interior Features

There is slightly more head and leg room in the Ford E-150 as compared to the GMC. This makes it more comfortable for taller and bigger crew. Both cargo vans seat two including the driver and it is important to note that there is nothing fancy to be found in these vehicles. Since they are mainly used to haul cargo, style is not really a major consideration in this case. It is more important for the vehicle to be practical. This is available in the form of the driver information center, gauges, cargo lighting, cup holders, radio, CD player, and much more. Flooring of the load area is either plastic or rubber for protection from abrasion and denting. A ventilation system also ensures that the cargo compartment is aired at all times.


Assuming that deciding to buy either of these vans is a business decision, fuel consumption and initial cost will be major considerations. The GMC happens to be cheaper as compared to buying the Ford and it also has better fuel efficiency which is really important in the transport business. Being a cargo van, volume also presents an important advantage and the GMC again has a lead here due to its longer body. This means that you can carry more luggage at a lower cost while using the GMC Savana 1500. If you are however still not convinced that the GMC Savana 1500 has carried the day, then you could simply decide to buy it and base your decision on GMC having more movie appearances than Ford where it is normally driven by the good guys, and I assume you are one of them.